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Anybody have problems with shifting in cold weather?

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I've noticed lately since it has gotten colder that when I shift sometimes it is kind of notchy. Once everything warms up it shifts smooth. Is this normal? I can't remember if it did it last winter or not. Thanks for the help.
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Not me. No problems shifting in cold weather. Although I have to admit my nipples get hard and my penis shrivels up like a prune.
It's just the oil hardening up. Nothing to worry about. I have the same thing too. Once it warms up, it's sliky smooth.
Thanks for lettin me in on that info Nerf. But the notchiness wouldn't damage anything would it?
Hmm.. I get that too.. is this a bad thing?

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just notice the same thing, especially going into second, but when it warms up its ok. Never had this happen before in previous cars, so i guess its just another celica flaw, although minor and not really worth mentioning.
It's normal.. I had a Corolla that did the exact same thing when it was cold outside. It's just the gear oil having more viscosity when it's colder outside. That's the very nature of oil.. gets more viscous when the temp. lowers and less viscous when the temp. goes up.

Just wiggle the shifter back and forth in neutral a bit while warming up.

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