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DONT DO IT. i have them and am really regreting it. im actually putting my stock tails back on cuz i hate these so much.

quality= crap. the leds are burned out already. iv had these since mid september. they dont sit flush on the car, i had to use that rv filler to fill in the spaces between the housing and the car or it would leak into the trunk when it rained. the bolts for where you actually tighten it down and connect it to the car were too long and the guy who put em in for me had to shave a little off the inside of the car so theyd fit AND cut the bolts down.

plus they look like boobs and i hate it now despite my love for boobs. for tails i think the stocks and tyc look the best

EDIT: also they arnt anywhere near as dark as they are in the picture
1 - 4 of 44 Posts
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