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Anyone ever use these led tail lights

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I understand these aftermarket tail lights will burn out fast, have problems etc. but im curious if anyone ever tried them. i only like cause its all black out in a way. I dont wanna tint tail light cause down here cops give people ticket. :(
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Ouch. Gee thanks. I bought it as is visually, not put them on there. I like how they have black covers though. Any other tail lights have those?
Not quite sure WTF your trying to say but TYC's, Red out '02 or 30% tint 03+
Not quite sure WTF your trying to say but TYC's, Red out '02 or 30% tint 03+
I'll take another pic here in a moment to clarify.

There is a clear black cover over the tail lights that from afar makes them looked blacked out with paint as opposed to what you see in the main link in the original post. From what I can see, the previous owner drilled through the tail lights to hold these on. But the plastic cover has "boobs" on it too.

As you can see there is a black plastic cover screwed into the tail lights. I really like blacked out tails, which was why I liked these headlights when I purchased the car. Of course I could be wrong and they come like this brand new. But the set in the link on the first post didn't look like it to me.

EDIT: And wouldn't you know it? I click the link again and they DO have the plastic cover. NEVER MIND! lol

My main question is are there any other tail lights that have black covers like this? I like this look rather than a painted black out.
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Those non-boobed LED tails look decent. I hate the smoked look for them though. Just slap on a red vinyl overlay and call it a day.
I had problems with LED tail lights. It got hot, burned the bulb base and the socket. Licence plate little bulb also overheat and cracked wire insulation in long stretches.

Replacing the tail/brake bulb 7440 dual -filament incandescent bulb with LEDs bulb will overheat, burn, melt socket and wire insulation.

The car chassis electrical repair l guy said he saw lots of problem swapping OEM incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.

LEDs are supposed to draw less current than incandescents. I cannot explain why they get so hot!
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