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Anyone in Colorado?

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Just wanted to see if anyone else lived in the Denver area. Hit me up if you do.
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me, snowcrash, LoCore, oldster. there are some others from colorado. but not many. :(
Right on...are you guys in the denver area or colorado springs...I just got a 2000 GT-S...some $lut|3ucket ran into my 93' Honda Prelude VTEC...well if you guys ever gather, hit me up.

For us in colorado, I get the Rocky Mountain News and there is a coupon in the Checkers ad for Mobil 1 Syn oil for $3.99 a bottle (just a dollar cheaper). It expires on the 26th and it was in the Sunday paper.
hey guys, ill be in denver for a week or so, lets get together for a mini meet?
I'm down, though I haven't ever been to a meet.
well. im not familiar with the area too much, but in nor cal we would meet at Dave & Busters. good place to play and about some night this week? maybe monday?
Monday works, there is a dave and busters off of I-25 and Colorado Blvd

There is also one off of Highway 36 and churchline road.
yeah im thinking the one off 26 and colorado...i have been there cell # is 831-601-1288..all those are invited..whats a god time? bout 7:00ish
Yo Im from Colorado too, and might I say there is not very many of us around here. PM me some time if any of you guys want to meet up and BS, Im up in Boulder.
7:00 is this going on tonigt or next week?
it will have to be toniht, i wont be here next week... ill be therer at 7 leets meet in the parking lot, that way we can find each other...i have a spec blue with TRD front
Sorry man, I leave work at 4 and didn't get to see your post till today. If there is another time you can meet let me know. I have class tonight and thursday.
wno prob, it was getting ugly outside fast..i had golf ball sized hail coming down in highlands about tomorrow night? wednesday? same time?
Hey PJ, good time at D&B tonight...ill definatly look you up when i get back in town... we gots lots of mods to do to your car :). take care and ill talk to you later

Well, guess I read this late. I'm in Denver for what it's worth. Blk 2k GT-S w/ WA plates.
Yeah me too, but are you guys down to meet up sometime. There isnt much of us around here, make it like a habbit like once a month... you guys want to try?? Find a good spot in denver, most of you guys are in denver, ft.collins, or da springs, I have seen 1-2 tricked celicas in boulder
Likewise Jeff, keep in touch, it was a goodtime. Yeah, I have a long ways to go to get my car looking like yours though. FYI, I took my car in for the flush n' fill and it fixed that problem in the coolant system. I also got an appointment 2 weeks from now to get the tint, so it is slowly progressing.
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