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How do you like the torque converter? How much better is performance? How much closer are you to a 6-speed as compared to a stock auto? Assuming any gains will be seen off the line, how is it? This is probably my next mod and i am just wondering what to expect.
ps~How much was install?

2001 Silver GTS
***Rod Millen front lip, side skirts, and rear valance/s2000 antenna/APC clear corners/Konig Verdict 18's wrapped with Yoko 40's/Injen CAI/painted engine plastics w/ TRD oil cap/JL 12W6 with various amps for power***

zooq's got it, says install is almost as much as the TC itself! cuz they have to take out the tranny and stuff.

i dunno about overall times, but from his slips, it makes a very nice improvement on the 60'(s). he went from 2.4 to 2.1...but he's spraying nitrous. stock i couldn't do better than 2.67 or around there which is a horrible launch. if that could get into the 2.4x or better range, then you'd run consistent mid-16s with full interior, spare, normal tire pressure etc. while you run high-16s without.
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