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Well, the title says it all really. I'm just creating this thread to say I experienced a situation on the 2zz where the MWR ARP flywheel bolts were too long for the Competition clutch lightweight steel flywheel. The ARP bolts were long enough to make contact with the internal surface of the block behind the flywheel bolt holes in the crankshaft which in my case caused the crankshaft to be unable to be turned when the bolts were tightened.

It says on the product page for the bolts on the MWR website that these bolts are known not to work with the F1 racing light flywheel, however it doesn't mention the CC flywheel, so I just wanted to report this occurrence so everyone knows about it.

I've used this particular set of bolts without problems on the stock flywheel and the Fidanza, but I the CC flywheel must be thinner in the area underneath the bolts. I was taking out the Fidanza just as a matter of taste -I was looking for something a little heavier, but still lighter than stock.

The amount of interference is extremely small -so much so that I would say it's possible that this might not necessarily happen on every block or flywheel depending on the tolerances, but it's plenty of force to be able to freeze the crank in place. I'm actually happy that was the case and it wasn't just rubbing and I didn't start it and have it tear up the inside of the block.
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