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Attention: DOJAGUY *resolved*

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I have been waiting for weeks now to receive my fuel lid. I offered to pay for shipping yet you declined. I also spoke to another member who is waiting for you to pay off the rest of the money that you owe him for those rims that you have. Can you shed some light on the situation?
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hey guys!

been super duper busy, training a new guy at work and so i cant really be on any other sites except ebay and

Luis: i havent heard from you in awhile. im sorry, i dont regularly check this forum for messages. Send me another text with your address and ill have it to you today. (or it will be postmarked today at least) dont worry its safe.

Richie: always a true friend, called and asked how i am. love you man

Eveyone else: Miss you guys

Ill be back soon.
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decided to punk him for it
I did sell my XXRs to Doja
and they look awesome on the 350z :) i mean..... what?
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