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Originally posted by 2000celicaspeed:
what wing do you have, where and how much? thansk alot!

I bought it in the For Sale Forum back in early May late April. I believe its an Erebuni Spoiler, but I dont know becuase I never really got any of the original stuff. I bought it used, un installed (supposedly) had never been painted. I got half the bolts, and the wings fiberglass was ****ty. It was slightly damaged from the mail, and the instructions were lost too. I had to have the cracks fixed, and it needed to be sanded down, and re-fiberglassed in certain spots. The paint job from the bodyshop that I took it to did a great job. It matches good, Its clear coat is good (though one small minor gauche from something)It looks pretty sweet. tho it being one of the early model wings the cracking problem at the base has also occured. I have a tiny crack in the right side base, not very big, been there for about 10 thousand miles hasnt grown or anything. Wing still holds up fine. And umm... thats pretty mcuh it when it comes to my wing.

Quality from the manufacture = crap.
Quality after repairs and paint = pretty sweet looking

just those few imperfections. But...You pay for what you get. which btw I believe it cost 200 or 300 bucks I cant quite remember, though it cost me 400 to fix/paint/install.. <IMG SRC="" border=0>

<IMG SRC="" border=0>
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TRD Style Spoiler
Tanabe Precedeo Super Down Springs 2"
S2000 antenna
APC Frosted Clear Corners
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