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Attn: Do not buy from

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I placed an order on March 6 for a new filter for my CAI. The item was supposed to ship in 24-48 hours.

I still haven't received my item or any reply to my numerous emails. The assholes charged my card but never sent my filter...

If anyone's purchased from them in the past, do you have their phone number? It's not on their site...I've been trying to call the number that appeared on my bank statement, but no one ever answers it...

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sorry i have never heard of that company before.
It was recommended by someone to buy the new Apexi air filter...

Guess I'm out $85...

your CC company should be able to either harass the shop, or refund your money
I always use my Check card, straight from my checking...I don't have or want a CC...

oh well...thanks for the response, but I hope no one else gets screwed by these guys...

that sucks man :( hope things work out for ya
Yours may not, but if your checking card has the Visa logo on it (like mine does..or any other major CC), you get many of the same types of protection. I checked to make sure on the Visa website since I made a big overseas order for a body kit front.

Just making sure you don't miss anything!
Thanks man, I'll look into it...not too worried about it though...

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