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I have a pair of authentic Henshin auto desighn fenders for sale . They are silver and have slight minimal damage ,(I can send you pics of ) .It is very minimal and can be taken care of with a quick cheap,and easy repaint,. Some hair line cracks in paint etc from people working around it. They are IN GREAT condition NO "road ware" on them cause car was never driven when they were installed .Like i said the damage is from people "working" around them etc. and is VERY VERY minimal

these are the authentic henshin fenders with the larger front vents ,that match the kaminari rear vents better ,as compared to the "other" style X-1 fenders available from krazy kustoms that have a much smaller more square vent,

I paid $300 Plus $75 shipping ,A long time ago . In fact they were the 4th pair ever made by henshin auto ,I have receipts and my number in waiting list to prove it . So you can be assured these fenders were made from the mold when it was in perfect NEW condition and they fit great and finish is very nice (like it was made from a nice fresh mold NO waves etc, lol)

Would Like to get $250 OBO ,let me know if your intrested,And we can work something out.

sinc:Kenny Heiser
PM or Email me at [email protected] For pics please give me your email aqddress and i will send them too you.
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