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Ok i have been floating around on this site for a little bit now. I was in the DC area for a little bit and then got stationed in Norfolk. I am dying to open my car up and was wondering if anyone in the area is in to autox and could help me get into it. I have never done it before and know nothing about it (i.e. what i need to bring, how much it cost...) Any help would be awsome.

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What you need to bring:
-a car with tight lugs, a battery that won't move and a throttle cable that won't stick

-suntan lotion (OK not really optional)
-a helmet (they usually have loaners)
-lots of water/gatorade for hot days
-folding chair for hanging out in between heats
-some racer's tape / painter's tape to put numbers on your car (they'll probably have shoe polish otherwise)

Where to go:

And if you're up for a drive:

How much it costs: ~$30 per event

Be warned, it might cause you to spend more money on your car :)

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