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Bad Nosie!

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Last night i replaced the broken intake lift bolt, and i had to side the rocker rod out a little bit and drill it out from there.
After everything was put back, i started the car and everything was working right, just how it always is. Then i go and test the new bolts. first i did a couple of runs up to 60, shifting at about 5 rpm. the car was still running normal. Next i finally got on it to test the lift and it worked perfectly. (i found out the bolt has been broken long before i got the car, and its at about 100,000 miles on it, so i don't know i long it has been broken for, long enough for the rocker rod to spin a little.) Anyway, after i made two runs hitting lift, i got to a stop light and i hear a clicking sound come the engine. So as i headed home right way, the car was still running perfectly, i even hit lift for a second and it was still perfect too.
So when i got home i poped the hood to find out where the clicking was coming from. It was coming right from the intake side of the engine, under the value cover.

I need to know what that clicking could be?

I think it is one of the lift parts of one of rockers got loose or something, when i was able to hit lift on the intake side for the first time, since i don't know how long it has been.

p.s. sorry for it being so long, but it took me and my neighbor about 7-8 hours to do it, and i want it all to work right.
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