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Beach Meet #2 / Future events

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I am just trying to live up things here on the forums. So here are my thoughts:

I'm down for another Beach Meet because:

1. We didn't have our annual football game.

2. Noob-initiations didn't happen.

3. Like.... where the eff are the t-shirts that Mitch and Sheng designed?

4. We'll stick to a beach a little closer this time to accommodate those driving that aren't from the Bay Area.

5. You know my meets are awesome.

6. Because... Celica


I haven't planned out a date yet... But let me know what you all think. August is rather a busy month since I have my sister's wedding I'm helping out with, and I'm going to Hawaii Labor Day weekend.

Weather should still be nice for September... So maybe we can shoot for that?


We can save this and wait until our epic Las Vegas trip. Yes. I am dead serious about planning an event in Vegas. We don't have to drive.... I was actually hoping to fly there and book rooms on the strip. Then we meet up and just drink up and party/strip clubs and you know how the story goes...

Discuss. :popcorn:
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I would probably be down for the 18th or 25th...hopefully my family doesn't decide to do another spontaneous get
I vote 8-25 or 8-26. I missed the last Santa Cruz meet due to work. I wanted to meet all of you.

A simple BBQ at the beach or just a cruise and meet. Whatever people can do.
I'm like 100% sure it will not be on that date.
Well any weekend after that will be fine for me.
Sorry guys... August isn't going to happen. Got a wedding to attend and will be going to Hawaii at the end of August.

This will probably be pushed over to September.

I will keep you all posted.
I'd like to go as long as Alisha and her "ABS" are there. xD
Your on the FB forum vip?
Sadly yep, but in disguised. xD
21 - 29 of 29 Posts
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