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Being sick sux right now

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i have a slight cold right now and when i went to class i started coughing a little bit. the moment i did that everyone, and i mean EVERYONE looked at me like if i had SARS, also it doesn't help me being asian either...they started giving me the "eye" and everyone became quite....i thought i scared them and started coughing like crazy and walked out of class...being sick sux....
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haha yea my friend and my sister is both sick right now and they think they have sars lol
should have coughed on them...haha!!! that's what you get for smokin...hint hint...
well, you cant say it wouldnt add to your JDM theme lol.

ok ok ok...bad joke...that stuff aint funny.
get well soon bro !
People who think they have SARS are stupid or paranoid, stupid are people who think world revolves around them. Everything that happens in the world happens to them...
As for paranoid peps, all I can say is "Yes you do have them, why the hell are you walking around spreading SARS!!!" hahahaha
i have a cough too and im sick and it blow cause it takes away all my energy so when i go to pole vault practice, i mess up cause i dont have energy. Like today i just went up and stalled, then fell down on the ground, and that hurts when your 14ft up in the air and falling on to the track. :(
Iceman said:
you need drugs.
no! drugs are bad! MmmmmKay?

you need weed!!! :D
booze. the man needs booze...and drugs. with the right combination of 'tussin and -OH you could probably sleep for days and days and wake up un-sick (or go comatose+major liver failure).
wuahahahhahah thats some funny stuff.!! awesome pixel
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