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belt tensioner bolt

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I stripped that 17mm when I was removing the tensioner. Anyone know a part number on a replacement?

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Do you mean the huge bolt that goes through the center of the pivot? That one is 90105-12297 on the 1ZZ and 90105-12317 on the 2ZZ
Yeah that one. It's like 5 inches easy. And yes I believe that is the one. Where did you find this (and other part numbers)?
Are you sure it's the bolt you stripped and not the thread? Or are you referring to the hex head of the bolt?
Man, I don't think you can replace just the HEX BOLT looking piece. From what i rememered, it was a solid piece onto the whole triangular looking metal piece which would involve taking a lot of things apart.
I had also stripped the bolt because fools at the dealership gave me the GT Belt instead of the GT-S which is 1.25" or so shorter. I kept pulling the bolt to get more clearance then it had to give.
My solution now is using a huge clamp and wrench to pull down the tensionator.

Notify me how easy it is to change that Hex like bolt, maybe i will attempt to do this next time I have to do changes in that area...
Just to clarify this a bit:
The tensioner has a 17mm hex head bolt that is approx. 5" long (could be more) that attaches it to the engine. It also has a 19mm hex head-like portrusion on the tensioner arm that serves as leverage point to release or apply initial tension to the assembly. The portrusion on the arm is easily stripped as it's softer aluminum.
I think we are talking about the bolt here.
I'm almost positive Boosted is talking about the bolt you need. I stripped this same exact bolt a couple months ago. It should be about $5 at your dealer.
Yeah I am talking about the bolt. And it was the head I stripped out (apparently it's torqued to 80lb/ft from factory). Also from what I have read the head of the bolt is tapered, if that is so it explains why I couldn't grip with a regular 17mm at all. I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow morning.
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