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Best LSD?

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is the TRD japan LSD the best LSD out for our cars? thanks pc
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Well noone can answer you which LSD is the best, unless they have all types installed on the car and test it on a road course...
Just have to pick one and try it :)
helical is nice if its your daily driver, I hear clutch type is better for races because you can change the clutch pack when its warn out and it will be just like new again while the helical type just gets not as effective as time goes on. Its all preference.
yeah but life time warranty against defects, a warn out LSD while still working is not defect and warranty will not be honored. Until it become open differential it will probably not be warrantied simply because it is still working... I am not sure but peps who has it should check on that.
Limited lifetime warranty, it will be covered if it is "worn-out" which means if its not working anymore so covered after it becomes open differential. Simply not working as well as when first baught will not do it... But maybe I am reading it wrong, until someone trys to claim warranty we will never know :)
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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