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Best LSD?

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is the TRD japan LSD the best LSD out for our cars? thanks pc
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and whats the diffrence between a clutch type LSD and a helical type LSD? which one is better and who makes it? thanks
celica gte racing said:
im not new to this site buddy. i know how to do a search and i did it:fawk:. i didnt find the information i was searching for. thats why i put the thread up. thats what forums are for. thanks for the search button pic anyways:gay:. but thanks for the pm and info Keyshawn. pc
cool2miketlu said:
Well noone can answer you which LSD is the best, unless they have all types installed on the car and test it on a road course...
Just have to pick one and try it :)
thats true, but i can see how they like theres. nohing to lose by asking. ya know.:thumbup:

so what do you guys think is a better buy? clutch type or heilical type. which gives better peformance? ok thanks guys pc
Hungster said:

im sure cusco makes a helical lsd, i remember a group buy for it at one time
yeah i think they do. your right. so what is better to get? helical or clutch? thanks
Damn, so now im back to be confused :confused:. hahaha lol
thanks for all the info guys. and the links Keyshawn.:thumbup:
1 - 8 of 26 Posts
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