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Better pics of the carbon fiber kit...

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Ok heres the ones i promissed, my camera isnt the best... some are dark and some are blurry... but they are craploads better than my cell phone camera lol.

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were u getting the sides as well? also what sidemarkers are you going with?
evil eye said:
Not as bad as I thought it'd be. I still think painting most of it, while leaving some CF accents here and there would be the better idea, but overall not bad. You need the CF skirts to match IMO.
that was my suggestion as well. paint most but leave some areas accented so u can see the c/f under it.

for sidemarkers i'd suggest either clear or orange supra corners. i have supra clear corners but the jdm ones are orange. either way tinted would look best.f or tyc tails u can get ebay or the Gb may still be going.
TRlPPlN said:
better get all that reclearcoated. again lots of cf but go for its a show car.
yup. even though it may say it is UV protected most are not as long lasting. with the moeny spent on the kit i'd get it recleared and be better safe the sorry
Motor said:
If you like living life on the edge, you should get this bad boy for your home:


they stoped making the toilet seat and i know a guy who has it ;) as for the whole thing, i havent seen that before
1 - 4 of 50 Posts
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