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Better pics of the carbon fiber kit...

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Ok heres the ones i promissed, my camera isnt the best... some are dark and some are blurry... but they are craploads better than my cell phone camera lol.

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Yea its a Seibon hood. Not sure about sidemarkers... was thinking about putting some cheapys from the local ricer shop on. Anyone know where i could get some tyc tails with black inside instead of chrome? Right now all i have left to get is the fenders(waiting for shipment), i didnt order the CF sides yet cause i didnt really like the style of em, not sure what im gona do about that...
i know... fenders are on the way stilll...
Ya i thought that was weird about that bevel too, thought for sure it would have one... oh well, not too big of deal. Ill have to check out the carbon fiber wheels...
HAHAHA that toilet is badass lol, as for the bumpers, they are pretty damn light, i can lift em with my pinky, eash is probally 5 lbs lighter than the stocks, the hood is the biggest difference. I have herd the fenders are a good 8 lbs lighter each than the stockys. Overall, the weight savings isnt that great, maby 40-50 lbs for all the stuff once i get the fenders on. But i love the way it looks, that and i hate customizing my car with the same stuff everyone else does. I like my stuff to be one of a kind i guess, though others may have this kit, there are very few of em out there.
1 - 5 of 50 Posts
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