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Well, we had one heck of an autocross weekend here in NC!

Saturday our club had an advanced drivers school and Sunday we had an invitational autocross.

The school was for advanced students only, we went a little deeper than just the basics and with a very good instructor to student ratio, if you didn't learn anything, then you couldn't be taught.

Our instructors included: John Robers, (current C-Stock champion), Jim Robers (John's Dad and tire warmer, 6th? he routinely trophys at National events while warming the tires), **** Rasmussen (past national champ), etc.

We drove on old, almost dead Kuhmo's for the morning of the school, getting lots of good runs in. In the afternoon we switched to the new ones to scrub them in for Sunday's event.

The new Kuhmos are pretty good! The do seem to wear a little quicker, but are wearing quite evenly, even at full tread. I think they do like a few more pounds of air than the old ones. I was running 42 psi in front and the shoulders were scrubbing off a little quickly.

I also got a chance to drive pitcrew's wife's GT. It is set up much like the rest of us, so it was an interesting comparison. Aaron drove it on Sunday, so I'll start a new thread for the GT vs. GTS discussion. I will say, the GT is a pretty capable little car!

So, Sunday we have our invitational autocross. No novices, only club members who competed in 5 events during the year (or have been in the club long enough to get a special invite).

The course was long, 50-60 seconds depending on the car. There were no design elements that were suprising, it was actually quite an easy course to follow. On the other hand, the difference between driving slow and fast was pretty big. Lots of elements that needed a proper exit or the next section would be way off.

I was "tire warmer" in the morning and opened with a respectible 52.8 second run. Good enough for "FTD" at that poind (3 cars out). I quickly fell to the WRX driver who brought out soe stickies for this event...

My next run was better at a 52 flat. Evidently I coned that run though, so it was no help. The 3rd run had a bobble in it (and a cone) so it was a 53+ run.

My wife (Sally) went out and with a few cones and bobbles ran 54.9 to 54.4 second runs. I was riding with her, making some suggestions as we went along. Sally was driving the course well, but giving up a lot of speed in places.

After lunch we went out and with Sally riding along I tried to show her the line I was talking about.

For whatever reason, while I felt like I was driving well, I managed to go a lot slower. My final run was the only one that got me back into the 52 second range. It was a 52.9. My first run of 52.8 will have to stand.

Sally went out on her 3rd run (with me in the car) and executed most everything I tried to teach her. She did it and did it well! We crossed the line at a 52.9, but there was a pesky slalom cone. Her lunch goal was to get into the 53 second range. We had the raw time down, so she went out on her 5th run and did well, but got behind at one section and that cost her some time and a cone. 53+ second run.

Her final run, she agreed my heavy butt should not be in the car (I couldn't help her improve after the last run anyhow), so off she goes....

She looked good and clean through the first slalom, picked a good braking point through the crossover, kept a nice line out of the crossover into a sweeper, kept the tail of the car behind her in the sweeper, then to the turn around... She got on the brakes just right for that, now the trip back to the finish...

I was chanting "Drive around the cones, not through them." Ans she was just picking her way back to the finish, absolutely beautiful. No mistakes, brake a little early to be set up for a good turn and exit...

She crossed the line with a clean run. It looked fast, what would the display tell us? 52.4 seconds! (or was it 52.3?) Anyhow, she was clean and fast, and she finally beat me!

In the end, she finished 7th PAX (her previous best was 15th), and I finished by typical 10th.

Aaron managed a 51+ second run for 6th place PAX. We both got pummeled by a WRX on old Toyo's (first PAX 50.8 second run) and a Type R on Hoosiers (2nd PAX 50.8 second run). Shawn in the Type R had 50.5 and 50.4 second runs, but not clean.

In her first outing Donna (pitcrew's wife) in her GT did quite well. THe times were dropping all day, and she was starting to unlearn Miata and starting to learn Celica.

A good weekend for everyone!


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Congrats to Sally! I'm glad some women like to drive.

So that's where the Celicas are? We have had only 2-3 Celicas at the past 4 VMSC events. Is Dinwiddie too far away, or has the club done something wrong at our events?

Anyhoo, this past weekend was a wide open course except for a tight 4-cone slalom near the end and a 90-degree right turn jsut before the finish line. My GT-S was revving high in second most of the way around. I won GS and finished 4th in PAX just behind R. West (Impreza), Tim Aro (Spyder), and Gil Smith (Vette). We had 94 entrants.

For those interested in the VA scene, results are at

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Congrats on your finish!
The only problem with the VMSC event was the schedule conflict with Tarheel's invitational AX on the 11th. We will be in Dinwiddie on Sun, but don't know for sure if my wife will be driving the Celica or the Miata, depends on what we hear on her season points standings. She'd prefer to drive the Celica.
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