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Big Holiday Sale From TWM Short Shifters!

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Hi Guys,

This Holiday Season, take advantage of the largest Short Shifter / Shift Knob combo discount TWM has ever offered! All of our popular weighted shift knobs are available at a $25.00 discount when purchased with a short shifter!

Simply visit our site and choose your short shifter, then select the shift knob to add to your order from the drop down menu below the buy now button.

Check it out: TWM Holiday SALE!

In addition, this month we are having a Shift Knob SALE! All of our weighted shift knobs in any finish are available at a $10.00 discount, no additional purchase required! Check out our most popular shift knobs below and save!

Type R shift knob
Classic shift knob
M1 Abrams shift knob
A6 Leopard shift knob
.44 Magnum high caliber shift knob
Bombshell high caliber shift knob

You can also save 5% by signing up to our newsletter here: TWM Newsletter Discount

And Don
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Hotpocketdeath said:
Do you do the Student/military discount year round?

I just got out of 8 and half years military a few months ago and I'm now back in school getting my Associates Degree.

I'd kinda like to get the short shifter, but I'd have to way till after the Xmas season before I can buy one.
We do offer the student and military discounts year round. Originally it was supposed to be a limited time offer, but they have been very well received so we've kept them.

If you go ahead and order the short shifter after Xmas, you could still take advantage of the offer.


Carbonized_GT said:
Question, Can i use the 10% student discount, Newsletter Discount and 25$ off of the knob and SS combo?
The way our shopping cart is configured only 1 discount code can be used per purchase, so it would be more advantageous for you to use the 10% student discount code than the 5% newsletter discount code.

Each of these codes can be used with the $25 off the Short Shifter and Shift Knob combo, since the $25 is removed automatically when you add the knob to the order.

I hope this helps,

1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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