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first off... it was so much fun

first time i ever went to the track... i met lots of hella cool people...

at 6 i was lined up with a couple scooby guys and they were askin bout the car, and I was asking them for tips for a track newbie... so they were givin me pointers... how to launch AWD is a pain and it's hard to perfect...

so we line up, i line up behind a chick in an SRT-4 (running constant 14.2's all nite) she was talkin big about her car, and i was like cool...

surprisingly for the first time at the track... i was cool calm and collected... i was surprised... everyone that told me about their first time at the track was shakin, nervous and anxieous...

but just as the scooby guys said... your first run will be crap... and me being myself was out to set them str8...

so i trap, the scooby guys told me to test launch right after the water box... so i did, it was ok...

when i was staging, i went over the box... and the annoucer was like 'looks like the lancer is staging with his rear tires' at that point i was embarassed... :chuckles: but it's all good, i was a track newbie so that was my excuse all nite...

first run, got a so-so start, bogged first, throw it into second and GRIND!!!!! i grinded second TWICE!!! then kinda 3/4 throttle...

first run
reaction = .511 :thumbup:
2.1 = 60' :thumbdown:
14.5x = 1/4 :AF:

grinding gears and bogging first...

so, next run, i wanted to get the shifter into every gear and just build confidence....

so i step up to the plate, i know now how to stage this time properly... got some confidence, felt a bit more comfortable...

reation = .7xx
60' = 2.0 (so-so)
1/4 = 14.04 :AF:

i was pissed, i was so close to 13's...

3rrd run i was against a 89 turbo'd civic... he ran a 13.8... i was ahead of him, until i grinded 4th :AF:

60' = 1.92 (getting better)
14.06 @ 98.xx grinding fourth...

4th run, i was so determined to hit 13's... there was a red evo that came last week, everyone said he was running 14.2's and up... so i beat him already... but i was not satisfied... i wasn't going home without hittin 13...

4th run against a modded WRX...

60' = 1.92x
1/4 = 13.96x :applaud:

i know that time sux for an EVO (averaging 13.4-13.7) but considering this is my first time to the track, fourth run and the damn humidity, i was happy...

but of course, it settles, i line up again, and now i wanna beat my time...

5th run

60' = 1.96x
1/4 = 13.92x

i had a blast, even though those times are pathetic compared to other evo's on the boards..

i will definately make it a point to go wednesday nites... friday's i heard it was too crowded...

i got 5 runs in, i could have did 6, but i was hungry as sh*t by 9:30ish :p

i know i suck, but i will get mid 13's with practice!!!

who's going next wednesday with me :thumbup:

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nope, never took the celi... the celi was a show car...

the evo is a different story... when you're stagin and no one is in front of you a 1/4 mile of tarmac... everything is silent and it's your time to push it... exhilerating!!!

the evo i plan to make into a 12 sec show stopper ;)

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i heard fridays are hella packed? is it worth goin on friday and getting only 3 runs?

i'll go i guess...

but wednesday sounds a bit better... 6 runs!

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yeah, i need a better 60' time... the AWD pros at the track says for AWD, every .1 better from the 60' is double on the top end...

stock WRX's are pulling 1.8's so i gotta be able to match that and/or beat that... then i'll be in the 13.5 range

stock EVO's run in the 13.4-13.7 range... the best stock evo ran 13.1 :AF: so i got lots of work to do...

i have some goodies waiting to be installed, but i'll hold off a bit, i wanna work on my stock times for a couple weeks...

sitting lovely in my bedroom floor, pending install are:

HKS SSQV BOV :thumbup:
HKS Suction kit (intake)

waiting for my full ti HKS turbo back and Up pipe from japan

i'll keep you guys posted
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