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block at orange kick it night

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this thread . . . . . . gave birth to THIS one.
well yeah . . . who's down to kick it at the block some day/night? what day will be better for you guys? friday? saturday? um, wednesday? this probably wont be till june. Also, any suggestions on what to do once we're there?
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Im in.... ill be back in SoCal (from school) in mid june so keep me updated on when you are planning to meet up. It would be cool to meet some of your guys :)
Originally posted by gsx0r
hope the cops dont get you guys

True....there are LOTS of cops hunting ricers out there. So be considerate guys. Especially avoid loud music and revving it. Other than that, everything should be cool.

AS for what we can do, i'd say we go eat, then play games at POWERHOUSE (i think that's what it is called now), or movies, or DAVE n BUSTER. Friday or saturday would be COOL because usually that's the night with some kind of special events in front of the AMC. Also, it's the night where cops usually hunt for ricers. But anyways, list your suggestions and comments. I'd wouldn't mind being down for this if it is planned and executed right.

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I second that. The cops have been VERY aggressive with fixed up imports since this whole orange alert thing began again. As if that weren't bad enough the cops are on this "click it or ticket" (seat belt) campaign. On top of that it's Memorial Day Weekend. So yeah guys, just be chill:

1. Don't blast your stereos.
2. Don't do burnouts.
3. Watch your speeds. CHP is out there in numbers.
count me in :) i am totally down for another meet, i will see if i can get some of my gf's to roll with me, if you guys don't mind me bringing my gf sarah with her 03 mach 1 mustang :)

*ARA* count me in i am totally down for another meet, i will see if i can get some of my gf's to roll with me, if you guys don't mind me bringing my gf sarah with her 03 mach 1 mustang
By all means . . . bring as many people (especially girls in sweet cars). Dont you have to be 21 for Dave n Busters? (i'm 19), I remember going there once, but I think they let two under age people in for evey person over 21 . . . something along those lines.
are your girlfriends hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha
I never heard of that rule (D&B 21 rule). Its 18 I believe unless you walk in certain areas in D&B.

The cop thing isn't an issue to me. I don't do immature things like burnouts, loud music, or not wearing a seatbelt. Not a concern for me.

Ok Duke, Choose any friday from now until mid June and Ill be there. I like your ideas. For me just meeting you people and talking would be good enough for me. I don't expect to be entertained by you guys. That would be messed up, but your ideas sound good to me.

Ara, help me out here. I'm still looking for girl. If you brought your friends then tell then that I have a nice car or something HaHa. Mach 1.... very cool. My friend has a 1971 Mach 1.

I'd like this to happen ASAP though. I know quite of few of you guys want this in mid June. We can just do this twice then. It doesn't have to be like a once every 3 months kindda event. In the next couple weeks??? Sound Good ?
Hmm, days of celica gave me an idea . . . we might be able to make this a monthly thing or something, however that's just a random idea tossed out for you ppl to marinate on. But back to this meet. How's Friday the 13th/Sat the 14th? Or Would the 20th/21st be better?
13th. Remember that Fridays are good for us. I can't on Saturdays because I'm doing community work at a cemetery.

That idea isn't too bad either.
This Friday (30th) In front of Ron Jon Surf Shop.

OoooOOo Can I come play??
I get off work at 6:30 from Yorba Linda, so can someone PM me their # so i know where you guys are when i get there? And if you guys want, my sorority is having a bonfire at night, so we can head over to the beach after the block.
I like the WRX. Sure I don't care.

I gave you mine Buffy.
I wanna come play!!!
Im down for this meet.. tell me all the 411
The 411

Where: The Block of Orange. One guy says in back of AMC. I say front of Ron Jon Surf Shop. (that will be decided soon.)

Date: May 30th

Time: 6pm (ya i changed the time to this).
damn catn do it... Friday I host a meet in Torrance,
TRD_RazeR said:
Im down for this meet.. tell me all the 411
azrael right? haha i just might see you there man~
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