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Blue Climate Control and HUD

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Yesterday a friend of mine did it :D Climate is a lil bit bluer than on the pix. temp is blue and the background is white

Head Up:

Climate before

N after:
lights on:

lights off: (go n get you sunglasses :D )


We did the fuel display too, but i fergot to take a shot :rolleyes:

And here are the building pix (the big leds are parking-light-led-wedges)

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What sort of HUD do you have? Same as mine, the VSD II?
Dunno whats the exactely description - mine is from they are in germany
how much do the climate controls sell for in japan as a replacement part
Um I thouht he was in germany?Are the control's in Japan the same as Europe?I like them a lot better~Brad
Yes they're the same in Japan and Europe...unfortunately, converting the USDM to JDM/EDM(?) climate controls would require swapping ECU's too, cuz the climate control works off of it...

The HUD looks pretty cool.
how much to get hud in the us
Wow man, looks great! :thumbup:
Hey, how much is that HUD and is it workable into the USDM celis??
The HUD I have..the display at least, looks EXACTLY like that..and I got it from Bottle
Lormax said:
The HUD I have..the display at least, looks EXACTLY like that..and I got it from Bottle
Bottle?? Who/What/Where is that?
-and- How much was it??
now you need to change the colour of your clock to blue as well
Bottle is the guy from titan motorsports, one of the sponsors of this site. I thought the HUD wouldn't work unless you had the JDM ecu?
Where do you get the HUD? And do you have any pics of it during the day? Do you also have to get a JDM ECU? Please let me know very interested.
mangoboy7 said:
How'd you get to the window control lights?
When I ordered my gauge leds from Dooly (great service) there happened to be an extra blue led. I replaced my window light as well and modded my switch so I have auto down and auto up now ^_^.
I don't remember the cost on the HUD..ordered it a LONG time you don't need a JDM taps into 4 lines, RPM, speed, ground and acc, hard :)
everything looks really nice except for the shift knob :)
do you have to e-mail bottle specificly? there is nothing on the site about it.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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