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alright i need help from those who know their ****.

an idea to make the clock and other things brighter at night (this can be especially helpful for those using a filter on the clock, it will brighten it, as well as gas/temp gauges. however it won't help during the day)

when you turn on the headlights, everything dims. i'm guess this is because its extra bright during the day so you can see it. the question is, does everything else have to dim??? maybe with the headlights on the higher voltage throughout the lighting will be too much. this just seems unlikely though.

a while back when i was messing with my clock, i used a voltmeter on all the wires going in. i noticed one had no voltage when the headlights were off and had voltage when they were on. now the clock has NOTHING to do with headlights other than the dimming. so to me, this voltage tells the clock to dim. as long as other input voltages don't change (which i don't know is true) then this voltage must change what resistors are used to dim the lights. so why not cut this wire, therefore giving you bright clock all the time?

now the question is, do you think this is doable with the gauges, and the ac lights, etc. this could be very helpful for lighting up that center console with blue leds and would make the gauge blue leds look much nicer (don't you hate it when you start your car at night and you lcd looks really nice blue, then you put on the headlights and it dims and doesn't look as nice???)

anyway, anyone who knows more about this kinda thing think this is doable? you think there would be any kind of problem with too much current in the wiring? i think this would probably take extensive studying of the wiring to make sure its ok but i think it should in theory be doable.
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