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BMW 5 series new look...

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repost? who cares..

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I'm not crazy about the headlights or taillights. Other than that it looks good.
I saw it in Car & Driver the other day. I don't like it. The older model looks better.
Looks a little like the Lexus IS, Germans copying the Japs *insert chortle here*
Looks like an Infiniti
I think the new style will grow on me. The headlights makes the car look angry. I think it needs to have a dual exhaust.
i would gladly take a older model. They look a lot better to me.
i like it.. but it definately needs a dual exhaust...
Looks like the Germans are copying Japanese designs now... Is it me or does the rear sort of resembles a WRX?
Oh Boy I see that IDrive crap on this one too. You should not have to go through a couple day training to drive a car.
That 6 Series is pretty nice.

hey it looks like a chick with eye liner on..
I like it... A vast improvement over the 7 series (How they botched it up THAT bad, I'll never know), and a marginal improvement over the Z4.
Still, the current 5 series looks better.
Never noticed the IS300-similarity (in the inverted headlamps), but it is there.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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