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Welcome to the future! BMW Motorrad presents the first near-production prototype of an e-scooter: the BMW C evolution. The new e-scooter is the intelligent response to growing traffic volume, increasing energy costs and ever more stringent CO2 limitations. In the pilot phase, several test vehicles will be put into operation in real conditions.

This is what the future looks like: designed for commuter traffic between the periphery and the city centre, the C evolution has a powerful motor, with a continuous output of 11 kW and a peak output of 35 kW, offering lots of riding fun. With a maximum speed of 120 km/h and impressive acceleration capabilities, it supremely handles motorway travel and overtaking manoeuvres - even with a pillion passenger. Thanks to its low centre of gravity, the riding experience is characterised by extremely light handling and excellent slow-running properties - a particular benefit in urban traffic. What is more, a high-performance brake system with ABS ensures maximum safety.

The enormous storage capacity of the high-voltage battery (8 kWh) provides a range of up to 100 kilometres. Another impressive features: in the ideal case the charging time when the battery is completely flat is less than three hours. The battery is charged via the integrated charging device, either at a regular household socket or a charging station.

In terms of recuperation (energy regeneration), the BMW C evolution is absolutely groundbreaking, too. As a rider, you do not have to actively initiate energy recuperation since the vehicle does this automatically whenever possible. Depending on riding style, the range of the e-scooter can be extended by 10 to 20 per cent.

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The arrival of the new C evolution marks the start of a new chapter in the urban mobility segment for BMW Motorrad.
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