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Just something interesting. First thing to note, look how much he payed. All of you want boost and complain about not having it, well, it doesn't come cheap. Expect the kit to cost at least 4 grand easy, plus install and other parts needed to monitor boost and you can easily spend as much as he did. You know what his problems are going to be now. Wheel spin through first and second and maybe third. He has to spend money on wider tires.

To all those who says S2000 has no performance potential. This one aparently does. 320+rwhp. Sounds kinda weird putting RWHP to describe a honda!
To all those who think you can't boost high CR ratio cars, it's, this proves you wrong(Greddy).

To those who think Turboed cars are the only way to go, I'm hard pressed to think that this car can run as fast times as a NA modified Spoon S2000 on a road course. It probably will kill the NA car in the straights, but chances are he'll be slower in the turns due to the abrupt change in power on throttle.

Great car to have all together. Lower boosting for road courses and up the boost to hang with LS1 powered cars.

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