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Well, I finally received my axiss ultimates in the mail after waiting about 2 - 3 months for them to come in and decided today was the day since I had to jack up the car anyway for an Oil Change.

50k miles so I figured it was a good time to change.

I was a little scared at first since it was my first time changing the brakes so i did my research and stuff. Found the instructions in the Maintenance Section.

Well, it turned out pretty easy. I was scared to drive down the block, but I double checked everything and went for a drive. Didn't push on it too hard, but I realized I need to bleed the brakes.

Gonna Do that tomorrow. Any tips on that would be great. My friend has been saying to use a pump, but i don't know how that works. and reading the forums, maintenance section it just says to attach a vinyl tube.

One more question, how do you know when your brakes need to be changed. Like how thin should the pads be? or how do u tell.

oh, also, whats the difference between using a gts filter on a gt. I remember reading that gts's can use an Lexus IS filter, So wouldnt' a gts filter on a gts offer better flow or filtration. Okay just wondering b/c i threw one on today with mobil1 5w-30
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