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August 24th we be hitting up the Brea Improv for some stand up comedy. I already set the date and time. 8 pm show. To get tickets go to brea improv website. Unless you a caveman and dont know how internet works, google brea improv and the website will show up.

8-24-12 @ 8
main comic - Jay mohr

it runs about 30 a ticket which one can purchase here:

see u there! :thumbup:

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I hope people flake on this meet. But i'll be there fa sho. I love stand up comedy.


If you never been to a comedy show or a stand up show here is what you need to know. Even though you buy a ticket for the 8 o clock showing, the place will let people in at 6:30 to get tables and good seats. Noticed how it said "Special Event" on the calander? This means the show will be bigger than a normal stand up show. There will be more people showing up so tickets will definitely be sold out soon. Jay Mohr is the main event but he will not be the only comedians on stage. There will be a couple of comedians going before him as openers. So unless you want a crappy seat or likes to stand, I suggest you should be there and get in early. I never been to the Brea Improv but I've been to the Irvine one and there will be a line especially for a "special event" scheduled. And if it is the same as the Irvine Improv, I assumed when we get in, a person will seat us to a table depending on the party. So yes it is very important to not be late for this event unless you dont care to have good seats or whatever. Some people have to stand and I aint standing for shit. Btw if we do eat there we will get front row seats and preferred seating but we need to reserve it 90 minutes before the show.

Jay Mohr is the headliner. If people don't know who he is you probably are not into comedy as much. Probably not into stand up comedy also. He is one of the most popular comedians to date. He doesn't sell huge stadiums like a Dane Cook or a Russell Peters but he is in movies and tv shows so if you not a comedy fan you probably dont know who he is. One of my favorite comedians. Great impressionist. My favorite of his is Christopher Walken and Tracy Morgan.

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Never been to a standup?
What you need to know:

• This is a special event.
• Be there at 6:30pm at the latest.
• Jay Mohr is the main event but he will not be the only comedian on stage.
• There will be a couple of comedians going before him as openers.
• Jay Mohr is my hubby and I suckie his kauc. That's all you need to know.
There :love:
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