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Broken lift bolt fixed, now no lift and a CEL

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So ive had a broken lift bolt for a while now, and never got around to changing it, so my dad told me if i took it to a shop, hed pay. i took it to the shop yesterday.

They extracted the bolt, flushed my engine due to some metal shavings, changed my oil and replaced my rear brakes.

i took it real easy driving from the shop to my house, checking for noises etc... on the way to work, i wanted to see how lift felt. i took it up to 6500 and nothing happened. a CEL came on.

i called the shop and i am taking it in tomorrow morning, but is there any ideas on what happened?
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did they take the rocker shafts all the way out? You can also wind up with this condition of you mix them up.

anyways listen to Smaay on this one - its probably the oil control valve unplugged
ibanezgfx said:
i took it in this morning, and the guy kept asking what it was doing. i told him.
they took it all apart and everything is plugged in (supposedly) and they are charging us $125 for a diagnosis about the CEL.
is this BS or what should i do?
For them to charge you for diagnosis they have to actually diagnose it - unless they can tell you definitively what is wrong don't pay
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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