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Brothers Supercharged Mustang//My GTS

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you guys should of raced!
are you sure that was a twin turbo z? looked like a regular z
VoodooTRD said:
you guys should of raced!

Haha riiight :) 373whp vs 180whp(?)

But yeah i'm pretty sure that was the TT 300zx, it was faaaast for a stock car, even took the mustang a second to catch up, then the guy hit the brakes when he was gettin pulled back on...i didnt get a chance to play with him, looked fast tho.
SLVR Stealth said:
nice mix of cars
you guys didnt race?
nope, it would look about like his pulls :) haha its so much faster then my celica.
i know that bridge :)
haha that there bridge is 5 min from my house! I figured you'd know it.

buckman bridge, known for top speed runs haha :)

I always wash my car down the street and run 110 over the bridge and back to clear water spots.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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