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Hey everyone. There has been some recent requests for the Carbon Fiber synthetic dash kit GB again. So i contact the company and they said sure. All sales go through me and then I order them in bulk from the company which is how we save. It takes normally about 2 weeks turn around time becasuse the kits are made to order. There are 2 prices:

$103.50 for the basic dash kit w/o shifter surround. This is what the old GB was for.

$110.00 for same dash kit but with shifter surround (its an extra 16 for the piece but they will go down if orderd together)

NOTE: please only post if your interested in the GB or purchased with it before. Thank you.

Basic kit:

Kith with shifter surround:

same kit but on my car back in the day

The 1st group of kits will be ordered on Monday the 19th
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