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c2 turbo video CEL

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Just wondering what the CEL was doing on in the videos on the c2 website. i'm planning on getting the stage one kit for my car, but i won't be able to if the kit causes a CEL due to our new obdII diagnostics we have done for our new inspections in my state.
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Those were the first videos of the kit. It was still in beta phase.
The problem that caused the CEL, was that we connected the Greddy E-manage's V-Tec wiring. Of course it didn't work since our car doesn't use VTEC.

Now, after the child phase and perfecting the kit... it will not give a CEL anymore. You do require to have your car fine tuned properly though to avoid 'running rich' CEL. Our base map that are included with the Greddy e-manage have been tuned rich to for safety reasons to the engine.
sounds good, i'm going to be boosted sometime before summer. i've got to rebuild my engine first to stay safe.
you can also spend a little bit of money and get a cool device that will delete CEL's and itll tell you you MPH, RPM, AFR, and tons of other stuff also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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