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Hi guys, I have a 2zz swaped mr2 spyder which I completed a month and a half ago and already did 1800km with no issues until now. Suddenly, the 5th gear started making an ugly noise you could only hear while coasting under 3k rpm. It happened yesterday night so i parked the car and left it there, today i lifted the rear end to hear the noise, it sounds pretty bad, and not only while coasting, also while accelerating. It only does it on 5th gear, the rest dont make any noise. What could it be? Any of the shafts bearings? The pinion itself?
Here is what i've filmed:
c60 5th gear noise
I just watched this video (merryfrankster's) and i'm guessing i might have to replace the bearings that are just under the 5th gear pinions? You can see them on 12:20.
I bought this c60 gearbox already adapted to the mr2 spyder platform, with the torsen lsd installed as well, so i know it has been already opened once.
Would it be safe to use the car like this trying to avoid 5th as much as possible? at the end of the day, 6th is basically just as short xD. It's not a good time for me to remove the gearbox and open it, i'd prefer to do it in a few months.

Thanks in advance!
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