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Happy Independence Day to my neighbors to the south! :drink:

I have a few left over parts from other projects. All prices Do Not include shipping.

Some of the smaller items may be able to be shipped via regular post mail to save buyers some money on shipping.
This is solely up to the discretion of the buyer.

Please leave your zip/post and part required in your pm/post so I can get you the most accurate quote I can.

All used Oem parts have approx 60,000 miles. Everything was in working condition when removed.

Any questions or concerns please send me a pm.

*Quick list of parts, descriptions and pics to follow.
New parts.
-T3 sized turbo fittings
-Eibach front camber bolt +/- 1.75 degrees of camber
-Powder coated aluminum collection cans.
-C-one Emblem
-Oem Toyota emblem
-Oem passenger mirror glass only
-Oem exhaust donut gasket.
-Oem upper heat-shield for exhaust manifold.

Used parts.
-Oem Gt steering wheel-no airbag
-Oem Rear wiper motor/arm linkage
-Oem Sideskirts.
-Oem hoodscoop
-Oem 1zz fuel injectors
-Oem antennae base
-Oem alternator
-Oem thermostat
-Oem drivers side A-pillar
-Oem 1zz ECU
-Oem fuel pump
-Modified Oem 00-02 Shifter surround, No ashtray or cig lighter.

New T3 turbo fittings, Oil/coolant lines.:$75.00
-All the Oil and Coolant fittings for T3 sized turbo inlet/oulet.
-Also comes with tee section to tap in for an oil feed near your oil filter.
-2 Stainless steel braided lines 36" long. 1 line has a 90 degree fitting on one end. 6-8 an sizes on the lines.

3 New Powder coated aluminum containers/aluminum caps with o rings.:$40.00 per can
-These powder coated cans came with my turbo and decided not to use them. They are like a burnt orange powder coating, my friend calls it rootbeer, lol. Billet Aluminum caps are solid with o rings for sealing.
-Two are approximately 10 inches tall with lid and 2.5 inches wide, they also both have 2 inlets. 1 has a fluid indicator.
-1 is smaller about 6inches high with lid x 2.5 inches wide with bottom nipple and two inlets on the side as well as a fluid indicator.. You can use paper as a comparison for size.

New C-one Motorsports Emblem:$50.00
-Rare discontinued Screw on emblem never used, Is made of metal.

New Oem Toyota stick on emblem:$20.00
-In package-never peeled

New Eibach front camber bolts:$25.00
-I ordered two sets thinking I needed them, only needed 1.
-Provides +/- 1.75 degrees of camber adjustment.

New passenger side mirror glass only:$20.00
-Rafa sent me wrong side...

New Exhaust donut gasket:$20.00
-Planned to install before I got larger exhaust, due to the wear and pieces I found of the old gasket in my exhaust.
-Included a Photo of a used gasket to show the wear and chipping after 60,000miles.

New exhaust manifold Upper Heatshield:$25.00
-Ordered when my stock shield Cracked/Rattled, Toyota actually redesigned the shield with different material/mounting tabs to help prevent cracking much more solid than factory heatshield.

New Injen License plate cover$free
-Whoever posts FIRST saying they want this, I will ship it to you for Free!North America only, please. Happy Independence Day!

The rest of these Oem Parts are used as stated in the title of thread.
-I would like to keep the sideskirts local, and more photos are available at imageshack
-All parts in working condition, and all interior parts are in very good shape with Little to No scratches/wear.
-All Prices OBO...and again no shipping included.

Modified Oem Shifter surround$30.00
-comes with NO ashtray and NO cig lighter.
-A hole was cut where the cig lighter used to be to fit a 52mm gauge.
-It is positioned to point straight forward as there was no room to angle toward driver without hacking ashtray.
-It is Actually quite visible from that position AS LONG AS you have a Short Shifter. Only 5th gear really impeded on the view.
-As of now there are no scratches or wear on the shifter surround, but I do need to remove it still, so hopefully all goes well.

-Here is a Picture from the drivers seat POV in neutral.

And a few more.

Oem Fuel Pump $40.00

Oem Sideskirts $100.00

Oem Steering Wheel $45.00

Oem ECU$85.00

Oem Hood scoop15.00

Oem 5 Spd shift knob$15.00

Oem Rear Wiper Motor and Blade$35.00

Oem Antennae base$20.00

Oem thermostat$25.00

Oem A pillar drivers side Mint 00-02$25.00

Thanks for looking!

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Fixed your picture links. GLWS.

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i want the injen license plate :),,pm

Injen license plate frame has been claimed

I will send it out with the first shipments I send out. Of course someone in Florida claims it, the farthest possible destination from here.:chuckles:

All other Pms answered.

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Worked it you did, and didn't buy a thing. :rolleyes:

All pms replied.

Obo on the oem stuff guys and if your interested in multiple items we can work out a package deal.

Oem sideskirts pending locally.

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I'd like that C-One emblem...

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Nice! You don't take credit cards or offer any other form of payment besides gaypal. So you limit yourself and others who don't use that payment gateway.

Toyota Emblem and Camber bolts still available at higher prices than OEM folks! Have at it...
That was totally uncalled for, Please stop spamming my thread Sir.

Sorry I do not run a business of selling auto parts. This is a for sale Forum where most of us are selling leftover/unused/ or replaced parts from our own vehicles and have Paypal only.

If the prices are higher than oem, I apologize. I'm really not looking to profit off of these parts, just a bit back is nice after all the money I have invested in my car. If you can provide a link to cheaper sources, PM me with details and I will beat the price for you.

Everyone else Pm's sent.

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C-one emblem SOLD to jdmravi

1 Catch can SOLD to Janelle

Sideskirts SOLD locally

Still 2 larger catch cans remaining. Smaller Can sold

They are both approx. 8.75 inches tall x 3 inches wide. They also both have a drain nut on the bottom of containers with billet sealed caps.
Can 1- has 2 inlets with no fluid indicator.
Can 2- has 1 inlet with a fluid indicator.

Also the Ashtray and Cig lighter are available with the Shifter surround, which will be removed today with better pics as well.

All used Oem OBO, and package deals also available.

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Antennae mount Sold

Sideskirts and clips back available locally.

I am shipping all packages out today.

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Antenna mount
Catch Can
C-one emblem
Injen license cover

All these items were shipped this afternoon.

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^You received Pm.

Here are a few more items I found laying around.

2 new exhaust manifold bolts/springs.
1 used rear camber bolt, good shape, no rust.
4 used wheel center caps from Gt. good shape. centers could use overhaul.
Used emblems Toyota and Gt

And a few more pics of the 2 catch cans that remain.

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