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Well my car has reached the 15,000 mark and i have a couple questions:

1. My coolant is jus about at the low mark. So can i just top it off or do i need to flush the whole system?

2. My breaks often squeal when i try to stop. Occasionaly when i step on the brake u can here a noise that sounds like metal hitting metal. The dealership has a front break special for 80 bucks, will that fix my problems?

3. Is all this covered in a 15000 mile check up at toyota?

4. Whenever i turn my ac on it sounds like there is something vibrating under my hood. Its not a metal sound. Actually it justs sounds like something is vibrating. Its hard to describe. Is this normal? Should i also get an ac diagnostic test?

Sorry for all the questions, any of your answers will help
1 - 4 of 8 Posts