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Theres any number of things this could be, first thing i would do is change the oil and look for any metal flakes in the oil and if you want to cut the filter open and inspect it also.

If that all looks good pull the spark plugs look at them see if one is fouled worse then the rest. Do a compression test seeings as your already halfway there, write compressiob down and see if any thing screamed at ya.

Next go ahead an Replace the plugs and put new boots on the coil packs for good measure, start the car see how it does. If it still runs like shit, try to keep it alive for a minuet or two and pull the plugs agian and see if one or more fouled or wet. Thats where your issue will be.

Report back your findings and we can go a little deeper.

2000 GTS Turbo
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