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Carbon Fiber Hatch Handle Installed Pics

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hey whats up all? these ar my pics of my hatch handle that i won off ebay over a month ago. these were the ones that were bought and sold about 3 times! :D this is not the same on red dragon used on his celi beacuse this piece is a full carbon fiber piece. not an overlay. This should be exactly what you guys are getting from Fiber Images. Those that went thru Rich. It cost me $145 shipped. I need to tighten the last 2 bolts as the tool i was using wasnt long enough to tighten it to the very end. so it has two lil gaps at the ends.

heres a few pics of the backside before i installed it.

now i need to get a CF hood! :)
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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