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Woo hoo! I just got it like 10 minutes ago and opened it up..

first off, its not perfect.. but then nobody said it would be. The clear coat is scratched on the surface in a few places making the shine a little dull. not noticeable unless you look at a certain angle.

and the top part isn't completely flat.. i dont know if this is going to be noticeable when installed but basically the backside of it has two things where it looks like its supposed to connect to the car.. i guess it was in order to make this fit like a replacement rather than a overlay. but because of these pieces that were added, the left side has a bump that goes up if you look at the handle straight on. It probably rises about 1/4 cm from the rest of it.

there's also a tiny hairline crack on the 2nd 'C' of the word celica.

all in all it looks good.. real carbon fiber.. my cf hood isn't perfect either so i guess it'll just match it..

Didn't come with any instructions but hopefully some instructions will be available online soon.. Came with basically two bolts already attached and 4 washers which i figure are used w/ the bolts..

as always, no pics no mods.. so hopefully i'll have time tonite to try to install this bad boy.. and take some pics for you all.
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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