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CAT issues

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so i got pulled over for an injen intake, so they told me to take it to the state ref and smog it. Once they done the smog, it passed, but then they found that my CAT was illegal or something. So since it failed visual, it failed smog. But i'm confused about one thing, is my cat really illegal? Its an OBD2 43000 or something, and the state ref seemed a lil confused about it too. Is OBD2 43000 CARB legal for an 01 celica GT-S? please help!!! i need to fix this asap!
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but the thing is, is it legal for the Celica GT-S? it said it is not "traditional universal converters." It was legal for other cars, but the state ref said it wasnt legel for my vehicle. Does anyone know if this is true? that the OBD2 isn't legal for a celica?
How many miles are on your car?

I believe if you are under 80,000 or 8 years, then you must get an OEM replacement from the dealership, which is free under the emissions warranty.
apparently, i have 85k miles on the car already =/, i bought the car like that and it came with the cat. The previous owner said he did a smog check on the car and apparently it passed, dunno why. But if its illegal, what are some decent CAT i can buy? and where can i buy them? I went to a shop and they told me it cost $500-550 to change the cat, where the cat itself cost about $400 =/
does anyone know if magnaflow catalytic converter is legal in CA? if it is, is it good? cause i rather spend $70 on this cat rather than $400 for an OEM one. heres the link. Please help! i need to fix this asap!!!!

That cat is listed for LEV applications -- but the Celi is an ULEV (ultra low emissions)... maybe that's the problem :shrugs:
just get it hot smogged...

my friend gotta CRX with different engine, and he just get it hot smogged... so that way you still have your magnaflow cat...
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