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Catalytic Replacement

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Hello Community!

I´m new on this Forum and wan´t to give you a short summary of my self before I state my question:

Name: Thomas
Age: 22
Country: Austria (Europe) - Sry for my bad english
Car: Celica T23 Wittmann Edition (GT with 6 Speed 143hp)

My Question:
I want to replace my catalytic converter with a straight pipe (I know it´s illegal!). But it seems that I have to craft a special pipe for that. Catalytic input diameter pipe is stock 70mm (~2.75 inch) and the output diameter is 55mm (~ 2.16 inch). I suggest to use a pipe like this:

I don´t now all the diameters for sure (only from a german celica forum)! :/:

I realy want to know which pipes you used for your catalytic replacement - this will be a big help :smoke:

Thank you and best regards,
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Nobody have an idea or can tell me wich way other people replaced the cat.?
Do you have tuv in Austria?

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Yes we have something like yearly inspection but we can make this at every car-store we wan´t ^^ But for the inspection I have a original exhaust and would replace it.

The cops have never looked under a car in our region since I can think so thats not the problem.
Cut off the cat and put straight pipe or resonator same diameter as all exhaust?
yes I also thought about that, but there is the problem with different diameters in front/bottom of the cat.

I also thought if I just smash a straight pipe trough the cat inside, but I´m afraid that It will sound ugly or "resonating" because of the empty body of the cat around the straight pipe inside...

Nobody have any advice or experience with decat or can tell me how he did this (photos would make a lot easier to understand)

do not go catless. it sounds like shit!
And will stink badly.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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