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Catalytic Replacement

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Hello Community!

I´m new on this Forum and wan´t to give you a short summary of my self before I state my question:

Name: Thomas
Age: 22
Country: Austria (Europe) - Sry for my bad english
Car: Celica T23 Wittmann Edition (GT with 6 Speed 143hp)

My Question:
I want to replace my catalytic converter with a straight pipe (I know it´s illegal!). But it seems that I have to craft a special pipe for that. Catalytic input diameter pipe is stock 70mm (~2.75 inch) and the output diameter is 55mm (~ 2.16 inch). I suggest to use a pipe like this:

I don´t now all the diameters for sure (only from a german celica forum)! :/:

I realy want to know which pipes you used for your catalytic replacement - this will be a big help :smoke:

Thank you and best regards,
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Do you have tuv in Austria?

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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