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Ok, so my synchro from 6/5 to 4 is grinding pretty consistently...about half the time I downshift (before anyone asks about driving style, I just revmatch, but don't double clutch).

I talked to my Toyota Service Manager, and he said that it would be covered under the powertrain warranty, but that a Toyota rep would come and look at it and check my service records. My problem is that I changed my manual tranny gear oil myself (Redline synthetic) at around 30k miles, per the 30k mile service. The manager said that would be fine, but I'd need to provide the receipt. Therein lies the problem, as I don't have it...

So if anyone out there can provide me with a receipt for manual tranny gear oil purchased between August and December 2002, I'd REALLY appreciate it...I was thinking that a good copy of it would be cool...



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