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Celica Flasher: ISO or JSO?

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Ok, I've been killing myself trying to find out what kind of flasher is in my Celica. I have a 2001 Celica GT-S (although I would imagine all 7th gens have the same flasher). I've read enough to know that the Celica has a 3-pin flasher, but I've read conflicting things as to whether the flasher is ISO or JSO. Can anyone confirm one way or another?
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I was trying to avoid tearing my car apart unnecessarily, but I ended up just buying a universal electronic flasher, so I once I get that I will take the panel off and figure out what the stock flasher is. I will post my results here.
2way said:
If you had completely read the other thread which you posted in... you would have seen this:
Yes, I did see that, then I also saw
Dooly said:
I have the 3 pin LED flasher on my Celica, but I had to modify it to work...
And I wasn't sure if Dooly was using ISO or JSO, or if "Toyo uses standard ISO style flasher... " was just a general comment about Toyotas, or if it was specific to the Celica (since not all Toyotas have the same flasher, at least not the newer ones...).

Anyway, I was just trying to get a for sure answer, thanks for clearing that up :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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