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One evening I was taking my brother somewhere and I decided to do a little 0-60 just to see how quicker my new manual GT is compared to my auto GT. I decided to do it at a light due to little traffic that was ahead of me. Little did I know that this white civic hatchback with wide tires on all four pulled up beside to the right of me as I sat at the red light. I noticed in the corner of my eye that he starts to hang up a camera as well. He pulls up a little more as we waited.

Not caring much about him, I decided to test my own time when the light turned green. Turns out that civic tried to race me. He stayed like three cars behind me as I get to 60. I was thinking about going further but my brother was not having it so I slowed down. Turns out that civic was manual as well.

And he has this sticker that said "fuck off." Lol

Anyways here is the video:
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