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First off, this wasn't truly racing since these were random encounters on public roads. There weren't any three honks from a roll or dig or lining up at a stop light revving at each other.

However, I would still like to share this since it's fairly close to racing. Both of these encounters happened in one day.

The first occurred in the morning. I was on my way to work when I noticed on another lane was a 2000-2002 red Celica GT-S. It had an exhaust, a black hood (carbon fiber?), and smoked out tail lights. I got a little excited so I pulled up next to it, and quickly went up to 4000 rpm in first gear passing it when the light turned green. Apparently, the GT-S noticed and also did a quick pull. That's when I really got excited since I wanted to see how my modified GT would do against a GT-S 6 speed (I currently believe that I have the fastest Celica around town). Soon I passed it again in ricer flyby fashion. Then I slowed down to let the GT-S catch up. Apparently, the slow drivers must have pissed the GT-S off since it started speeding and swerving in traffic before it passed me. Here I am also swerving in traffic while making signal lane changes as I try to stay close behind that maniac driver lol. And then I finally got the chance to see how I would do against a GT-S. The GT-S and I were at a red light up front. I was right behind the GT-S. When the light turned green, the GT-S went like the driver floored it. I also floored it and quickly went up to 6300 rpm in first gear. I quickly pulled up to that red car's ass before I shift to second and swerved to the right lane. Then I simply WALKED that GT-S while in second gear. It wasn't even a race. I couldn't believe it myself so now the only logical explanation is that the GT-S was an auto. Kinda a little disappointed if that's the case. Soon I slowed down and just went with the flow of traffic as I watch that GT-S speed and swerved left and right before disappearing at a turn.

The second encounter happened (take a guess)...right after work as I was going home. This is when I encountered a clean blue Scion FRS with a sticker decal on the windshield. Similar story to the GT-S encounter, except I almost ram into that car's ass since it was THAT SLOW even though it was speeding and swerving while leaving traffic behind. This, like with the GT-S, also happened at a red light where I was right behind the FRS up front of traffic. That FRS for sure was an automatic.

Anyways so that's what happened today. These weren't true street races (I wouldn't recommend being in one), but these encounters gave a me a good idea of how my car stands up against the competition with the current mods. My car isn't even boosted. It's just bolt-ons and stripped. Surely, it would've been better if those cars were six speeds, but I still have yet to encounter a single one. I feel like I'm the only manual driver in the city besides Civic Si's. Perhaps I'll share my encounter with an Si whenever I get the chance.
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