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Celica horn wiring?

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My Celica's horn doesn't work.
Some wire is cut by the previous owner.

Both aftermarket genuine horns are installed.

I think the wire for the horn was cut off, but I don't know what a genuine wire is.

Can you show me a picture of the genuine wire or tell me what color is for the horn?

Thank you for your reply in advance.
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Horn wires are Green with a Yellow tracer.
I assume you've already swapped replays and fuses with no success. I can't tell from the photos, but the horn will only work if it is bolted up tight to the metal chassis b/c it's self grounded. You may have to gently sand any paint off the mounting surface to get clean metal. If that doesn't work you'll have to check continuity at the horn plug with a voltmeter to see if it recieves power when you push and hold on the horn with one probe in the plug and the other on ground. If there is no power then you're going to have to start removing those aftermarket zip ties, wires, and splices to see what happened to the wiring down there and put it back to stock to continue diagnosis.

Edit: It looks like the green/yellow wire going into that conduit with the aftermarket splices and wires does not come back out at the bottom, so you'll have to remove it and splice in a replacement piece of wire to reconnect what is left of your OE green/yellow wire to the OE wire at the other end of those red wires that were spliced in and hope that does it. There is probably a bad splice somewhere in that aftermarket wiring. It looks like a butt splice connector under heat shrink wrap that I circled, it will need to be soldered and heat wrapped to be correct.
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That probably runs to the lower horn.
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