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Celica into a Lamborghini

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I remembered one day that I let one of my friends drive my car, we stopped behind a clean truck (hard to find those in this part of the south) and he saw the reflection of the Celica in the truck and said "It almost looks like a Lamborghini from this angle." Then today I was looking at pictures of the Lamborghini Murcielago and came up with the perfect thing to do to the Celica. Here it is. Switch from the five seater into a two seater (take out everything from behind the front seats), rear-mount a bigger, better engine (like the V12 from a Murcielago) and also have it rear-wheel drive (goes without saying) and finally convert those tiny back windows into giant vents to get air to the engine. I think this would be a lot cheaper than getting a Lamborghini which I believe is over $200,000.oo I don't know because I couldn't find the price in USD. Of course if you use a V12 than it wouldn't be that much cheaper but like get something like a Chevy small block, but then gas would be a b!tch.

Anybody have any idea how much it would cost to do this, minus the price of the engine since that is chosen by preference (hypothetically, just wondering, I can't do because I'm poor, just interested, please no comments like "don't waste your money" or "use that money for something better" just comment on the performance aspect, how it would make the car better/worse)?
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hahahaha..... i agree with emotart
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