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Celica into a Lamborghini

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I remembered one day that I let one of my friends drive my car, we stopped behind a clean truck (hard to find those in this part of the south) and he saw the reflection of the Celica in the truck and said "It almost looks like a Lamborghini from this angle." Then today I was looking at pictures of the Lamborghini Murcielago and came up with the perfect thing to do to the Celica. Here it is. Switch from the five seater into a two seater (take out everything from behind the front seats), rear-mount a bigger, better engine (like the V12 from a Murcielago) and also have it rear-wheel drive (goes without saying) and finally convert those tiny back windows into giant vents to get air to the engine. I think this would be a lot cheaper than getting a Lamborghini which I believe is over $200,000.oo I don't know because I couldn't find the price in USD. Of course if you use a V12 than it wouldn't be that much cheaper but like get something like a Chevy small block, but then gas would be a b!tch.

Anybody have any idea how much it would cost to do this, minus the price of the engine since that is chosen by preference (hypothetically, just wondering, I can't do because I'm poor, just interested, please no comments like "don't waste your money" or "use that money for something better" just comment on the performance aspect, how it would make the car better/worse)?
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First off, what's wrong with drugs? They taught a lot of American kids how to use the metric system. Second, $80,000 is still far from the price tag on a Lamborghini. I think if you did it right it would beat the crap out of one too.
The V12 comment was a joke, I didn't make that obvious enough? I don't do drugs but I can't fall asleep so I am pretty tired, maybe me brain no work so good now. I never said I wanted it to look like one, just added it to get my idea across. I could have used the Ford GT or Ferrari Enzo as examples as well. Also why go out and buy a $200,00 car if you can make one with the same or similar performance with less than half of that (we all agree that performance is the purpose of a sports car, not the looks.) Do you people know what I am talking about now. Plus didn't I say I didn't want people preaching on how to better spend that money and that this is just hypothetical, not planning future mods.
Can't you guys get a clue, it's not for serious, just putting something out there to talk about. What the FU**!!! I just come up with something that I thought sounded interesting and I get put down for it. What ever happened to people being nice and just being able to talk about their ideas, no matter how stupid.
This isn't to get people to think about doing it, if it was I would have put in the Performance Mod section instead of General Discussion. Why would it be "undriveable" on streets, aren't the others makes I metioned "driveable"? How many times do I have to say the V12 was a joke. Didn't anybody read that when I posted it in the original post? Another note, if you're rich you don't need a sponsor, and at least it would look like a Celica, that's all people need, it's a great looking car. I like the Celica look more than the Lambo look, mainly because of the slanted headlights, but it also just doesn't look as dynamic so people don't try to race me and that's good because I don't have the money to pay for a regular speeding ticket let alone a drag racing fine. I am lucky to have a brother with a good job that didn't care about giving me his old car (2001 Celica), when he got himself a brand new Lexus.
Age? 17, sheltered by parents until recently so I don't know that much about the real world.
I couldn't sleep and now it's at the point at if I do go asleep I won't be able to wake up and be late for school. I am used to this, last year I barely ever slept, my brain just doesn't work as good as it should when I stay up late.
I understand now why I am being belittled now, thank you. But still, I haven't ever read anything about someone wanting to put a rear-mounted engine in it, just convert to RWD or AWD like you said. Then again for the past few months I only been on this site a tiny bit. And what does the model of the car have to do with how much money you want to put into it? I really like the Celica look, I haven't found a car I thought looked better yet, so you can think of it like this-Get a great performer that's way up there in price and make it look like the car, or have the car and just go up ther (not way up) and make it perform just as good or better than the performer. Or think of it like this-I want the performance of one car and the body of the other, combining the best of two worlds. Once again, this is for fun not for future plans.
I am joining the military after I finish school and I hear that soldiers can make some good money so I was just planning to save up for a better car.

I started this to have fun and just hear other people opinions. I like the fantasy of completely rebuilding the Celica from the inside. So then you can get a high powered engine, have rear-wheel drive for drifting and getting more traction by having wider wheels, and have all the wieght on the rear wheels so they can bite the road better. So then if you had the money you can go up against someone at a red light while you're in a Celica that looks completely stock from the outside and they're thinking "oh it's just another sportscar wannabe with under 200 hp I can easily beat them" then you just zoom off the line like a rocket and have nothing but a dust trail behind you. That, I think, would be the greatest thing to see.
Not only that but I have a friend from a low-end-high class family and he said he's going to be an enigineer. He also loves my car so much he wants to pitch in some cash. So I'm sure I can have it the way I want, just have to come up with what, or sell my friend the Celica and get myself something else.
I said drifting because of what I read, I always looked down on movies because of how they make nothing "real-life". When I drive I like to hug tight to those corners but sometimes it is fun once in a while to pull up that handbrake and swing that rear around. I never seen any F & F movie for two reasons, all movies give out false information, and because I never thought racing was fun to watch, just fun to do. Also I think some of you guys are thinking that I am serious, I rather spend my money buying a new car. And I don't have any fabrication skills but my brother does it for a living and he has many other friends that do it as well. I think some of you think that this was taken seriously, it never was, just starting a conversation, nothing else. You know what. I'm done with forums, I'll just keep on talking with my automotive enthusiasts friends instead of people that comment to things in such a negative fashion. Also when I said "what wrong with drugs" that was the beginning of a joke which ended with "they taught a lot of American kids how to use the metric system."

Good bye to everyone.
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